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Public Help

1. Inspection of Papers

Any person wishing to inspect Minutes reports or background papers for any item on the agenda should contact the Town Clerk.

2. Notes of Meeting

Details of the issues discussed and decisions taken at the meeting will be set out in the Minutes which the Town Council / Committee will be asked to approve as a correct record at the next meeting. In the meantime details of decisions taken can be obtained from the Town Clerk.

3. Public Question time

Copyright 2008 Andy SlocombeAt the invitation of the Mayor / Chairman you may ask questions and/or make statements or comments about any matter on the Council / Committee agenda. You may also present a petition on any matter within the Council / Committee remit.

The length of public question time will be no more than 15 minutes in total

A slot for Public Question Time will usually be set aside near the beginning of the meeting after the minutes of the previous meeting have been signed If you wish to speak please advise the Town Clerk before the meeting

You must direct your questions and comments through the Mayor / Chairman

You may not take part in debate
The Mayor / Chairman will have sole discretion in the operation of public participation and when it is to finish

If there are many people present at the meeting for one particular item the Mayor/Chairman may adjourn the meeting to allow views to be expressed more freely

If an item on the agenda is contentious with a large number of people attending the meeting a representative should be nominated to present the views of a group in the absence of agreement the Mayor / Chairman will call upon the first person to have asked to speak on the topic

An issue will not be deferred just because you cannot be present for the meeting

The time for each speaker will be restricted normally to three minutes

Alan Hurford
Town Clerk
Town Hall

Telephone: 01278 427692
Mobile: 07776216670
E-mail: townclerk@bridgwatertowncouncil.gov.uk