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Bridgwater and Slavery

Somerset Rebels Sold into Slavery

Around the county, there are many fine houses to be found which were the spoils of those families who benefited from the slave trade.  Elsewhere in the county, there was strong support for the abolition of the slave trade.  Slavery by the British began i...
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Bridgwater’s Petition

There was a time when Bridgwater, as a port, had been more significant than the port of Bristol.  With the boom in the slave trade, Bristol  blossomed whilst Bridgwater wilted.  There was undoubtedly envy and the traders of Bridgwater would have been de...
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A Slave Speaks Out in Bridgwater

Whilst British involvement had ceased, slavery in the southern states continued.  Frederick Douglass was born a slave in Maryland and taken from his mother whilst young.  He had several masters, some whipped him but one taught him to read and write.  Ev...
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