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Did You Know?

The first time that anyone aged as young as 18 was allowed to vote was at a Bridgwater bye-election when Tom King was elected for the first time.

Henry Vlll declared Bridgwater to be a county in its own right.

Bridgwater was the first town to petition Parliament for the abolition of slavery.

Victoria Road was originally known as Malt Shovel Lane and Victoria Park as Malt Shovel Park.

The first motorised town taxi service was launched by the Bridgwater Motor Company in 1909.

Bridgwater once had four cinemas operating at the same time; the Odeon and the Palace in Penel Orlieu, the Arcade in Eastover (later known as the Rex) and a regular cinema in the Town Hall.

In mediaeval times, a Bridgwater woman from Orlieu Street travelled on a pilgrimage to Palestine, where she hung upside-down and naked for two days before travelling on to Avignon.

Text Copyright © 2008 Roger Evans

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