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Bridgwater Cup 2010 Winner

Posted on 20th January, 2011 in News

Bridgwater Cup 2010 WinnerOn 18 January 2011 – the Bridgwater Cup FOR 2010 was presented by the Mayor Councillor Bill Monteith to Bryan Gillard – appropriately at the Blake Museum.

Bryan – a former district councillor and town councillor was nominated largely in recognition of his outstanding work as Chairman of the Friends of Blake Museum for some 8 years.  Bryan – who has now taken the role of Vice-Chairman stood down at the recent AGM in accordance with the constitutional rules.  His last year in office coincided with the committed efforts of the Friends and Volunteers in re-igniting the Museum following the transfer to Bridgwater Town Council.  His leadership was a vital component during the year.

Bryan, was for many years, well known as a traffic warden and has served the community as a representative and board member of the Arts Centre, the Citizens Advice Bureau, as a Governor of Eastover school and a member of the Bower Residents Association and Vice-Chairman of Bridgwater Without Parish Council.  His latest contribution is with the Friends of Wembdon Road Cemetery.

Bryan is another worthy winner of the Bridgwater Cup and joins the wide ranging list of winners from all walks of community life in Bridgwater.

Note:  The silver cup is awarded annually by Bridgwater Town Council for significant contribution to our Town and the lives of its citizens.   It was donated by Mr Colin Wilkins in the 1970s and is usually on display at Blake Museum.   The winner receives a replica as a momento.

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