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Bridgwater Market Make-over

Posted on 9th March, 2011 in News

The monthly farmers’ market in Bridgwater’s Town Centre is proving so successful that it is going weekly – and getting a new name. The first of the weekly markets will be on Friday, 11th March, between 9am – 2pm

The original farmers market was started in Fore Street, in July 2000.

Other products have been added such as arts and crafts and recently the market started operating on a fortnightly basis.

Sedgemoor District Council, working with Bridgwater Town Council and Bridgwater Retail Initiative (BRI), are pleased to announce that the Town Centre Street Market is being expanded and re-named.

The new name is “Bridgwater Castle Market”; this name was chosen as the original market grew outside the castle gates. Today you can still discover the remains of Bridgwater’s medieval castle by following the Bridgwater Castle Trail. For further information on the history of Bridgwater Castle, do visit Blake Museum, Blake Street, Bridgwater, which has a superb collection of historical material.

In the coming weeks the market will be expanding, adding vibrancy to increase footfall into the town centre. This expansion has been possible thanks to the support of the BRI stakeholders, GPR Traders and Magnox who have supported the venture with grant funding.

For further information or stall holder enquiries, please contact: Kevin Pascoe from GPR Traders – telephone number 0783 408 8082 or www.bridgwatertown.com

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