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Cancellation of Bridgwater Flower Show 2019

Posted on 6th February, 2019 in News

Organisers of Bridgwater’s popular annual Flower Show have announced that the show will not be held in 2019. The Flower Show is a much loved part of Bridgwater life and entries have increased steadily over the past few years.

The show, originally planned to take place on the 23rd and 24th August will be cancelled, with committee members writing to previous exhibitors and sponsors. A member of the Bridgwater Flower Show committee said “For more than twenty-five years, the Flower Show has been run almost entirely by Jackie and Mike Sealey with Jackie first taking it on back in 1996 to stop its closure that year.

There is a huge amount of work involved in setting up and running the show and in the months prior to it opening, it is almost a full time job for Jackie. Sadly though, just before Christmas, Jackie was diagnosed with cancer and isn’t well enough to undertake this huge task”.

The Flower Show Committee intend to continue to meet over the coming months with a view to bringing the show back in 2020 and ask for volunteers who would be interested in helping with the show and / or joining the committee to contact them.

The spokesperson said “There are a lot of jobs involved in running the show – from administrative tasks, to speaking to sponsors and advertisers to lifting equipment in and out of the Town Hall. We would love to hear from anyone who feels they can give some of their time in the run up to the 2020 show”.
To volunteer or find out more information contact:

Tel: 07528 464166
[email protected]

2018 trophy and cup holders are asked to return them to:

10 Nelson Court
Tel: 01278 455850 and 07732 736999
[email protected]

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