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Creative Wellbeing Taster Day at Bridgwater Arts Centre

Posted on 10th October, 2017 in News

How are you feeling?

Life can be difficult. One in four of us experience mental health problems at some point in our lives, and most people have some personal internal challenges they would like to tackle. It’s World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10 October, and the Creative Wellbeing Day at Bridgwater Arts Centre on Tuesday 10 October sets out to explore how we can look after our mental and emotional health using talking therapies alongside physical and creative activities.

During the day, there is an open invitation to try singing, gardening, music, knitting, drama, carpentry, storytelling, writing, yoga and painting. Counsellors and therapists will be available to talk to chat to.

Everyone is welcome to drop in at any point from 10am and stay for as long as they want to. The day is free to the public, with refreshments served all day. At lunchtime time, soup and salads will be available. Any donations will be appreciated towards costs, according to what you can afford.

Volunteers of the Arts Centre and Seed of Hope can help anyone who is nervous about getting out or going to somewhere new. In the afternoon, a workshop follows Alex Miller’s one-woman show ‘Exit Plan’ where she bravely explores her own personal anxiety.

Tea time ‘Cake and Conversation’ will focus on feedback from participants, and the next steps for the Creative Wellbeing Network for Sedgemoor and Somerset. The day will be interlaced with fun, songs, refreshments and ‘Mindfulness Moments”.

A Twilight Stress Busting Zone (5pm to 7pm) will look at how therapies and physical activities such as hypnotherapy and yoga can help counteract stress in the workplace.

The Evening Celebration at 7.30pm will be compered by Kris Scotting from Seed of Hope. The evening includes: stand-up comedy, a one act play “It’s all a bit taboo” with Alex Ogden-Davis, Patchwork Poet and Grace Simple Lifeline, open mic session with Fodo , music from The Enchanter, and a finale DJ set courtesy of Bridgwater Soul Club.

The day and evening events are free to the public, thanks to grants from Homes in Sedgemoor, Sedgemoor District Council and the Somerset Community Foundation. Sponsorship and further contributors are still welcomed.

Refreshments will be provided all day with the bar opening at 6pm.

Booking is advised in case the sessions and venue gets full on 01278 422700 or book online www.bridgwaterartscentre.co.uk

Creative Wellbeing Taster Day at Bridgwater Arts Centre

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