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Information from Somerset Waste Partnership

Posted on 22nd November, 2012 in News

Here is a depot-by-depot round up of the position today and an indication of tomorrow’s plans, weather permitting.

Advice to the public who have been missed remains as the standard message which is to keep materials out for earliest pick up, but see detailed comments below under Taunton.


Reports so far indicate that Church Rd in East Brent, and parts of Weare, Wedmore, Stone Allerton and Crickham will not be completed today. We will return first thing tomorrow if possible.

Collections tomorrow are predominately in and around Bridgwater.

Possible problem areas could be;


·West & East Huntspill


·Weston Zoyland




·Evercreech (refuse and recycling Mendip, Cheddar Area SDC, and recycling for some of SSDC)

May Gurney have crewed up an extra vehicle tomorrow to clear minor incompletions on several rounds. The main problem today was the difficult to access properties in Cheddar (Sedgemoor) services from E/Creech. There is a couple of hours work left to do which will be completed tomorrow.


As far as we are aware the only roads we were unable to access were Netherton Lane, Closworth and Drakes Meadow, East Coker. We will get back to these first thing tomorrow if accessible.

Collections are in and around Yeovil tomorrow. The SCC Highways road closure list could affect collections as follows:

   * Problems on A37 & A3088 may affect us tomorrow with regard to tip runs

   * A359 Mudford: Collections are due in Mudford tomorrow. This could  also limit access to Marston Magna, Rimpton and Queen Camel

   * Local reports indicate the weir at Yeovilton is full and currently not passable.

Taunton  (Taunton Deane /Chard / Ilminster)

Significant problems in the SE corner of the Deane plus the Chard and Ilminster area of SSDC, with up to 50% incompletions due to accessibility and traffic hold up issues.  The advice to the public is keep containers out as per 3 day advice, *but there is a strong likelihood they will not get picked up until Saturday*.


There were no incompletions today. Some problems with flooding in the yard.

The main collection area for tomorrow is Watchet.  If we have similar weather conditions as today we should not have any problems on the rounds However, travel to the landfill could be affected by problems on the A39 and A358.

Central Services – clinical, bulky, container deliveries and schools/communal recycling

No significant problems today.

A further update will be provided as early as possible tomorrow morning.


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