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Media briefing on behalf of Sedgemoor District Council, Somerset County Council and the Environment Agency

Posted on 9th November, 2011 in News

Update on West Quay

  1. Monitoring shows that the wall is still moving.
  2. Work done yesterday included spraying shotcrete into the hole behind wall to stablise it.  The physical works on the erosion protection are now well underway.
  3. 7 metres of concrete has been sprayed into the area.  A further strengthening mesh is being applied today and more concrete.  This will give the material under the road stability.
  4. Residents will be allowed an escorted daily access to get possessions/items.  This applies to residents and businesses only.
  5. Queen Street has now re-opened.
  6. It is hoped that more roads will be re-opened by the end of the week – Queen Street, Bond Street and the Town Bridge accessing Binford Road and Fore Street.  This is dependent on Wessex Water’s work.
  7. There are temporary parking restrictions on Bond Street.  This is to allow for the free movement of large and heavy plant and machinery.
  8. A traffic plan is being drawn up in phases to accommodate the construction site.  It aims to open as many roads as practically possible.
  9. There will be several public information points attached to the perimeter fencing, which will have daily information.
  10. All agencies are concentrating on working on a short-term solution with the longer term, sustainable solution for flood defences being modelled.  Until the wall collapses, it is not possible to draw up a long-term definite solution at this time.
  11. The bicycle that was attached to the railings on the wall has been rescued!  The owner gave the keys to the workmen who were spaying the shotcrete into the hole.  When that work was finished, they unlocked the bike and it was craned safely back to its owner to a round of applause from workmen and on-lookers.

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