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Sedgemoor District Council gains successful prosecution

Posted on 17th April, 2012 in News

Sedgemoor District Councilhas successfully prosecuted a Bridgwater resident for failing to clear up after their dog fouled on the pavement at Watson Lane in Bridgwater.

The incident was captured on CCTV where upon Sedgemoor District Councils Dog Warden, who by chance was nearby, was contacted. She then tracked down the Dog owner after being directed to the area by CCTV.

The resident was issued with a fixed penalty notice. As the fixed penalty notice was left unpaid, Sedgemoor District Council prosecuted the resident in the magistrates court. The case was heard on the 13^th April and the resident was found guilty. The magistrates ordered the resident to pay £310 in fines and costs.

A spokeswoman for Sedgemoor said ‘We hope this acts as a warning to other Dog owners. Dogs mess, left un-cleared, can make our public spaces, playing pitches and parks very unattractive, whilst Sedgemoor do all we can to keep areas clear of mess we need the public to take responsibility for their pets. Most owners are responsible but we will not hesitate to take further action on those owners that are not’.

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