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Travellers in Mount Street Car Park, Bridgwater

Posted on 14th May, 2018 in News

Update – 16th May

Just to confirm that the travellers have now vacated Mount Street Car Park which they had entered unlawfully.  The site has been left in a reasonably clean and tidy state.

Update – 15th May

As at 14:30 hrs on 15th May

We have served the travellers in Mount Street Car Park with notice of a court hearing for Friday, 18th May at 10:00 hrs in Taunton.

Original Article

Sedgemoor District Council is aware that there is an unauthorised encampment of twelve caravans which arrived over the weekend at Mount Street Car Park in Bridgwater.

This morning, staff from SDC undertook the statutory checks. The site was generally tidy and in good order.  Notice has been served a notice requiring the group to vacate the site by 1000 hrs tomorrow morning (Tuesday). In the event that the site remains occupied, Lawyers will be attending court in Taunton to apply for a Possession Order (see process below).

The travellers stated they would be leaving on Thursday, but this information will not affect our legal approach/process.

SDC’s Clean Surroundings are assisting to help keep the site tidy.

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