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Update on November 11, 2011: 1400 hrs

Posted on 11th November, 2011 in News

Update on November 11, 2011:  1400 hrs

  1. Some masonry has fallen from the top of the wall, but it still remains in place.
  2. The wall is still moving.
  3. The remedial works are as complete as they can be with the wall in-situ.
  4. Until the wall falls, there is not much engineering work that can be carried out, so site activity will mostly cease at present.
  5. Once the wall falls – this will trigger the next phase which will determine future courses of action.   Contractors are at the ready to commence further remedial work.
  6. Monitoring is still on-going.
  7. There are inspections after each tide.
  8. There is a feedback facility on our website for public use – www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/westquaydamage
  9. The Town Bridge and Binford Place should be accessible for traffic from 1700 hrs on Friday, 11 November.
  10. Tides and weather forecasts over the weekend are no cause of concern at present.
  11. Contingency plans for the higher tides towards the end of the month are in hand.
  12. There is a need to collect as much photographic evidence as possible, of the event.  A public appeal will take place and a temporary drop-in area will be established, probably early next week, where the public can call in with information and ask questions etc.  Photographic and other information is also required relating to the early 1970’s when the sewerage pipe was put in along West Quay. (a separate press release will be issued on these points on Monday when arrangements are confirmed)

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